Amarie la Vie is about a new style of opulent silk – a fashion statement where comfort dances with luxury. Our innovative, glamorous, and decadent loungewear is comfortable enough to sleep in and durable enough for daily errands. Perfect for what we learned from being at home during the COVID-19 pandemic – from sleepwear to streetwear, wearing comfy PJs in and out of the house. Welcome to the Amarie la Vie way.

Our premium loungewear and sleepwear products range from elegant silk PJs (which we call ZJs), to Hollywood robes that evoke timeless glamour. They’re perfect for transitioning from daytime to nighttime, from reclining on your sofa and watching your guilty pleasure TV shows to making a quick trip to the store. Seamless. Silky. Sensational. And beyond these gorgeous pieces, we also offer candles, linens, perfumed sprays, comforters, and more.

Bringing it all together, Amarie la Vie’s meticulous attention to feminine details – from the sensuous feel of the fabric to practically of the designs – strikes a perfect balance between comfort and style, grace and functionality. It’s luxurious clothing that makes you feel extraordinary, even when you’re doing ordinary things.

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